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Last Update: September 19, 2023

The & (“Website”) and its related software, products and services (collectively, the “Services”) use cookies to gather User data to support Website analytics, improve the Website performance and enhance your User experience. This policy (the “Policy”) describes what cookies are and how they're being used by & (“Website” or “Service”). Please read this Policy and all its terms and conditions carefully. By accessing and using the Website and Services you agree to be bound by this Policy.

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies. However, please note that if you choose to refuse cookies you may not be able to use the full functionality of our Websites and Services. Most browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings will typically be found in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. For further information on how we use, store, and keep your personal data secure, see our Terms of Use policy.

1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing information which are downloaded to your computer or mobile devices when websites are loaded in a browser. Cookies are widely used to improve Website performance and enhance User experience as well as to retrieve and retain customer preferences, either for a single visit (through a "session cookie") or for multiple repeat visits (using a "persistent cookie").

2. How does Weracle website use Cookies?

Weracle uses cookies to:

● Track Website traffic and usage;

● Monitor the performance of the Websites and Services; and

  • Allow us to customize and enhance your online experience.

3. What Cookies does Weracle website use?

Essential Cookies allow you to access the features and services available through the Website. You cannot access services without these cookies.

Performance / Analytics Cookies collect aggregated data to analyze how the Websites and Services are accessed, used, and are performing. We also collect information about which search terms you are using in our site’s search bar.

We reserve the right to modify this Policy or its terms at our discretion. Any updated version of this Policy will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Policy unless otherwise specified. We will also post a notice on the Website if we make any material changes in the way we collect, use, or share the information held in the Website cookies.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our processing activities or this Cookie Policy, please contact us via e-mail.

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