Please note that this Vision Paper is provided with the sole purpose of describing the project and conveying information regarding it and the content of this Vision paper is just a guideline in which legal responsibilities are not involved. This Vision paper is not a security issuance plan, a suggestion for an investment nor a proposal for purchase of securities and it should not be comprehended as any form of investment advice suggestion or recommendation. Also, this Vision paper has nothing to do with issuing securities.

Therefore, all participants should be fully aware that token is not clearly secured and that any token issued by project WERACLE does not bear any dividends or voting rights, hence shall avoid participating in the project with such purposes.

Although project WERACLE will continue to review legal aspects of this Vision paper, this Vision paper itself does not guarantee sophisticated legitimacy that presupposes all the situation which may happen, nor does it guarantee third-party rights or interests. Whatever decision that investors make, the WERACLE project will not be responsible for any compensation · indemnification against any loss occurred due to use of this Vision paper and will not protect any loss resulting from trading token regarding this Vision paper. We strongly recommend all participants to consult legal, financial, tax and/or other experts and decide participation on one’s own risk. The road map suggestion in this paper is merely a reference material for the services. Be noted the project plans provided could always be changed due to its circumstances.

Token trading participants with in WERACLE project shall not provide, distribute, resale or transfer WERACLE project token to citizen, individuals and corporate body (hereafter “Restricted participants”) in countries where regulatory authorities and policies prohibit or restrict digital token trading. Restricted participants cannot participate in token trading regarding the Vision paper. Those who have provided, distributed, resold, or transferred to Restricted participants are fully responsible for legal problems arising therefrom. The project can take necessary measures against those transactions.

Project WERACLE can always refuses token purchasing requests regarding this Vision paper in case the individual information that provisional participants provided is insufficient, incorrect and/or misleading or if those provisional participants could be deemed as restricted participants. Also, it is strictly restricted to participate in token trade with the proceeds of crime such as drug dealing or for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing.

In case Restricted participants purchase token or purchases are made with illegal/unauthorized funds and/or purpose, the transactions can be banned and restricted immediately and such token purchases can be cancelled or deemed invalid.

It is the participant's responsibility to find out whether it is legitimate to purchase tokens in their geographic region and to find out if they could resell it to another buyer in a certain region. Thus, this paper does not provide any grounds on such decisions, and the WERACLE project will not be responsible for any misjudged decisions.

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