1.1 Paradigm Shift in Production and Consumption

Development of blockchain technology has made it possible to give value to all the actions and outcomes that take place in the digital world. By being able to trade these actions and outcomes, things that were previously classified as consumption activities are recognized as production activities. Thus, the world is changing into a place where the boundaries production and consumption are being blurred.

Through the growth of companies such as Facebook and Twitter, we learned that writing online, clicking 'Like', and reading news, which were previously not considered to be productive activities at all, can become profitable activities that create economic value. As the perception that these actions, which were previously considered simple consumption activities, can become activities that can be linked to economic value, services that pay for writing, clicking Like, and reading news have emerged.

In this social trend, more and more people are considering that reading novels, sharing everyday experiences with friends, and reading news articles are no longer consumption activities but production activities. In other words, many actions and outcomes that take place in the digital world and were once considered to be simple consumption activities are now given value through blockchain technology and have started to be recognized as production activities because they can be transacted. We are now moving from a society that divides production and consumption dichotomously to a world where a new definition of production and consumption is needed as the boundaries between them are blurred.

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