2.4 What genres of games are suitable for P2E?

The three game genres that have generated the most revenue worldwide are FPS, RTS, and RPG. Let's take a look at which genres of games are suitable for P2E games among these three genres of games, and which genre of game should be provided first in the Weracle ecosystem.

Characteristics of FPS Games

An FPS game is a first-person shooter game, such as Overwatch or Battleground, where you compete with others in a speed-based competition. Since these FPS games are war games against other users, it is very important to adjust the fairness among users. In FPS games, if you use a pistol but your opponent uses a wall-piercing laser gun or a nuclear missile, the fairness is lost, and you will no longer have the motivation to play the game.

Characteristics of RTS Games

RTS games are real-time strategy simulation games such as StarCraft and League of Legends, in which you compete in a strategy-based competition with other players. RTS games, like FPS games, should start fairly with others due to the nature of the game. Let’s say it costs 100 gold for you to produce a tank, but if the opponent produces a tank for 1 won, the fairness is lost and the meaning of the competition disappears.

Characteristics of RPG Games

Lastly, RPG games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo require character development over a long period of time, and require endurance of users. In the case of an RPG game, if the character that you have developed for 3 years loses to a character that your opponent has developed for a week, your efforts so far will become meaningless, and your desire to play the game will disappear. In other words, in RPG games, users compete with each other with assets accumulated over a long period of time, so the value of their efforts must be well reflected.


FPS and RTS are games where you compete with other users in real-time in a competition based around speed or strategy. Fairness between users is very important, and the game playtime is about 30 minutes, so they are very suitable for e-Sports. Due to these characteristics, most of the successful e-Sport games belong to the FPS or RTS genre, such as LOL, Overwatch, and Battlegrounds.

On the other hand, since RPG games take “How long and how well have you developed your character?” as their core value, it can take as little as a few months or as long as several years to play the games, which makes them unsuitable for e-Sports. In terms of the e-Sports market, FPS and RTS games are suitable, but for FPS or RTS games, it is difficult to accumulate user assets in the game not to break the fairness. So, it requires a lot of thoughts and ideas to make them into P2E games. However, with RPG games, the core value is how well you develop your character and how good the items you’re wearing are, so it is very suitable for P2E, as the user's assets can directly affect the game. In other words, in the case of an FPS or RTS games, it is difficult to create a large game economy because the user's assets can be used only for a decorative effect without affecting the user’s ability. With RPG games, however, all items and goods in the game can be accumulated as assets. Therefore, these games are very suitable for P2E.

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