1. Introduction

We will briefly review the paradigm shift in production and consumption due to the development of IT technology and what services can appear with the advent of blockchain technology.

Have you seen the movie “Ready Player One”? The film, produced by director Steven Spielberg in 2018, is about a future in which people live and make money in virtual reality games. Living and making money in games sound like something from the distant future that could only be seen in movies, but making money while playing games is a reality now with blockchain technology. A game that pays you money while you are playing it is called a P2E (Play To Earn) game.

With the advent of smartphones, the mobile game market has grown rapidly over the past decade. In the early days of smartphone games, paid games THAT you can download by paying about $3 to $10 were the most common, but within a few years, free games (F2P: Free To Play) that could be downloaded and played for free appeared. The free game method generates much more revenue than the paid game method, so most mobile games today are released in the form of free games (F2P). Moreover, recently, with the development of blockchain technology, P2E games that allow you to earn money while playing them are popping up gradually, and most games are expected to be offered in the form of P2E games in the near future.

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