2.3 Market Changes in P2E Games

Many P2E game services currently provided require purchasing an NFT before playing the game. Like paid games that had to be purchased first to play the game in the early days of mobile games, most P2E games currently available are being provided in the form of paid games that require an NFT purchase before playing the game. However, we predict that the P2E game market will also shift from paid games to free games (Free2Play) like the mobile game market.

For easier explanation, P2E games that require the purchase of an NFT before playing the game are called P-P2E (Paid P2E) games, and P2E games that allow you to play the game for free without purchasing an NFT are called F-P2E (Free2Play) games.

In the case of P-P2E games, for which NFTs must be purchased before playing the game, a very complex process is required before starting the game. Before playing the game, you have to first install a wallet such as MetaMask. In this case, you have to create a wallet account, write down the words for recovery, and store them in a safe place. This arrangement of words is called mnemonic, and for users without experience in blockchain, this process is very unfamiliar and becomes a difficult hurdle to understand. And to purchase NFTs, you need to transfer cryptocurrency to the created wallet. To do this, you need to create an account on an exchange, register a bank account, deposit cash from the bank account to the exchange to purchase cryptocurrency, and then the cryptocurrency must be transferred back to the MetaMask wallet. Most users who have never encountered blockchain technology before will give up and exit the game in the middle of the process, and only a very small number of users will be able to participate in the game after going through the entire process.

The process of purchasing NFTs to start a game is incomparably more complicated than the process of purchasing a game in the early mobile market. The current P2E game market is mainly P-P2E games, but it is expected to rapidly change from P-P2E games to F-P2E games, as seen in the process of the mobile game market change.

Blockchain F-P2E games, just like F2P games, can be downloaded and played for free. Any time you want to withdraw the tokens obtained while playing the game, you can create a wallet and send it. The process of withdrawing money is the reverse process of the process for purchasing NFTs in P-P2E games, and the difficulty is the same, but there is no need to quit the game just because the process is complicated. If the process is difficult, you can give up and play the game and try again whenever you want to withdraw money.

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