Token Distribution

The total number of Weracle tokens to be issued is 2,000,000,000, and they will be distributed as follows.

  • The initial partner volume was allocated to key partners and companies that played a pivotal role in forming the initial ecosystem.

  • The partner volume is allocated to game developers, business partners, and individuals who will help expand the Weracle ecosystem in the future.

  • Investor volume is allocated for distribution to investors in order to secure funds for initial Weracle ecosystem construction and stable operation.

  • The team quantity is for companies or individuals who directly or indirectly help the development team, operation team, marketing and ecosystem to build and continuously grow the Weracle ecosystem.

  • Marketing volume is the amount used to acquire users or promote the brand in the early stages of the ecosystem.

  • The reserve quantity is for responding to sudden changes or problems in the market that may occur while operating the ecosystem. However, this reserve quantity may be used flexibly for stable market operation.

  • The ecosystem quantity is allocated for providing the participating games and services to form the Weracle ecosystem. Users participating in a game can acquire game-tokens by playing the game and exchange their acquired game-tokens for Weracle.

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