5. Weracle Ecosystem Roadmap

With the dazzling development of IT technologies such as the blockchain, AI, and autonomous driving, human production activities are increasingly being replaced by robots. Through this, humans will have more and more leisure time and will eventually be freed from work. As robots replace human production activities, the definition of human production activities will also gradually change. In the near future, it is expected that play will also be defined as a type of production activity. The unfamiliar word P2E, which means “making money while playing,” is expected to develop into various new forms over time as it currently shows a glimpse of the future to come. It is very difficult to predict both the rapidly changing game market and the blockchain market, but it is very clear that the P2E game market will grow significantly in our current era. In order to quickly respond to the new blockchain game market and to create a great game ecosystem platform, the Weracle platform is going to move according to the following roadmap.

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