1.4 P2E Game Ecosystem

Every game has its own economic ecosystem. In the game, users get game goods such as gold or gems as rewards for completing various quests, and the acquired game goods (gold, gems) are used to develop characters or to purchase other game items in the in-game store. The production activities through obtaining rewards by completing various quests and the consumption activities through developing characters by consuming the acquired game goods or purchasing in-game items are intertwined to create a stable economic circulation structure, which is an economic ecosystem. Almost all games have this sort of complete economic ecosystem, and among them, RPG games in which players develop characters over a long period of time have a larger and more well-designed economic ecosystem than other genres of games.

Players acquire various game goods such as gold, wood, iron, jewels, stones, and leather in the game and then consume the acquired items to develop their characters or villages. If a cashable token can be added as a reward to other existing game goods such as gold, wood, iron, gems, stones, or leather in a well-established economic ecosystem, a P2E game ecosystem can easily be created. Among the various genres of games, RPG games with their huge and well-designed economic ecosystems can become P2E games much more easily than other genres.

We saw earlier that, in order for an S2E service to form a complete ecosystem, there must be an appropriate purchasing place where the distributed tokens can be used, and it is very difficult to create such a proper purchasing place. However, since most games have a perfect ecosystem where the distribution and consumption of goods circulate stably, a gaming P2E service can form an ecosystem more easily than other S2E services. It is an undeniable fact that among the many S2E services that will be created through Web3.0 technology, one that can create the most understandable, realistic, and perfect ecosystem will be a P2E game service.

We believe that a P2E game service is one of the core service models that exerts the greatest influence in the Web3.0 ecosystem, and we expect that the new concept of the blockchain game market will grow significantly in the future. Therefore, we have created and will be developing a platform called Weracle where various blockchain game services can be provided. In this document, we would like to share what the Weracle platform is alongside our visions, plans, and development goals for it.

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