Economic Structure of the Weracle Ecosystem

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The core components of the Weracle platform are as follows.

  • Game Developers: Game developers provide content, and when users consume game-tokens through in-game stores or content, they generate revenue as a reward. Through these rewards, game developers can continuously update games and provide new content.

  • Games: Games have economic structures that allow the circulation of various content and tokens that users enjoy. For games in the Weracle ecosystem, the token economy operates through Content Wallet and Shop Wallet. Content Wallet is a wallet for paying game tokens to the users as rewards for their gameplay. Initially, it receives the amount required for the game ecosystem from Weracle Circulator, and it pays game tokens to the users as rewards whenever they complete a quest. Shop Wallet is a wallet used to receive game tokens from users when they purchase in-game goods or NFTs by spending game tokens through in- game stores or similar content. When users use game tokens to purchase game goods, part of it is taken by the game developer as revenue, and part of it is paid as a fee to the Weracle Circulator. A portion of the fees and profits obtained by Weracle Circulator is allocated to the Content Wallet, and the rest is used to operate the Weracle ecosystem.

  • Game Users: Game users acquire game tokens as rewards through gameplay. The game tokens obtained in this way can be used to purchase various in-game goods or NFTs in the in-game store. In addition, these tokens can be converted to Weracle tokens through the Game Token Swap Pool and then converted into cash through DEX/CEX or used to purchase NFTs on the NFT market. Users who need more game tokens can purchase Weracle tokens through DEX/CEX, and then exchange Weracle tokens for game tokens in the Game Token Swap Pool. This series of operations are carried out in the Weracle wallet owned by the user.

  • Game Token Swap Pool: Users can exchange game tokens obtained by playing games for the Weracle tokens at Game Token Swap Pool. Conversely, they can exchange Weracle tokens for any game tokens they want.

  • Weracle Circulator: Weracle Circulator is a wallet used to provide liquidity and receive commissions and profits so that the Weracle ecosystem can be kept healthy. Weracle Circulator provides initial liquidity when a new game is launched and manages liquidity so that the Game Token Swap Pool can be operated stably. Fees and profits generated from transactions within the Weracle ecosystem are reinvested as costs to operate a stable ecosystem.

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