2.5 What games will Weracle use to create an ecosystem?

The games to be introduced in the early Weracle ecosystem will be mostly F-P2E games (Free Play To Earn). As mentioned earlier, P-P2E games have a disadvantage as it is difficult for many users to participate in the game because the initial barrier to entry is too high. Our first goal is to expand the blockchain game ecosystem by allowing users who are familiar with blockchain to participate as well as the users with no blockchain knowledge or experience to easily play. We believe that P2E games should not be 'games played to make money', but should instead be 'games that you play for fun while making money as well'.

We saw earlier that the most suitable P2E game is an RPG genre game. SNG games and war games have a large economy like RPG games and can steadily accumulate user assets. Together with our partner game companies, we are planning to provide the service for RPG games first, which are most suitable as P2E games. In the early Weracle ecosystem—that is, in 2022—mainly F-P2E RPG games will be introduced.

After that, we are planning to graft the eSports system into the Weracle ecosystem through light real-time battle games. Although it is difficult to accumulate a lot of assets in real-time battle games, it has the advantage of greatly expanding the ecosystem through eSports. And by engaging YouTubers and bloggers in the Weracle ecosystem, they will be included into the blockchain ecosystem. After integrating RPG genre games and eSports into the Weracle ecosystem, based on this experience, we will develop into an ecosystem where various genres of blockchain games such as FPS and RTS can participate. Weracle's goal is to create a healthy ecosystem where users can participate as proper producers and investors in the ecosystem, rather than being a P2E game that simply distributes coins to users.

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