2.6 Governance Tokens vs Independent Tokens

Games are largely divided into user-created games and developer-created games depending on who participates in the development. The token structure and ecosystem structure also change as the game ecosystem and life cycle change depending on who is the subject of content development. In this chapter, we will look at the token structure according to the subject of content development, and what kind of structure the Weracle token should have.

Used-Created Games

With user-created games (UCG: User-Created Game) such as Roblox, Sandbox, and Minecraft, game developers provide game development tools separately from games, so anyone with an idea can easily develop games with the provided tools. Thus, they provide sub-content in the game. These games allow numerous users to continue the supply of interesting games in their own creative ways, enabling users to play various games within the game. Since these user-created games have a very long life cycle, the tokens circulated in these games can also form a stable price for a very long time. Typically, in the case of a game such as a Sandbox game, it is a single game, but since a number of users can create various types of games within the game, an ecosystem can be formed with a single token called a Sandbox.

Developer-Created Games

With developer-created games (DCG: Developer Created Game), all the content is developed by developers. Most of today's games are DCG games made by experienced developers belonging to developing companies. Games for which all content is developed by developers in this way have a finite lifecycle because, no matter how interesting the game is, developers cannot continuously supply creative ideas, and the complexity of the game increases as the service period becomes longer. Thus, no matter how interesting the game is, the longer it is played, the more users will lose interest and leave the game, eventually ending the service. Since DCG games have a shorter lifespan compared to UCG games, if they create a dedicated token that can only be used in DCG games, that token is synchronized with the lifespan of the game. When the life of the game is over, the token price also falls, so it is difficult to build a stable ecosystem. Therefore, in order to create a stable blockchain token ecosystem for the games that developers mainly develop the content, they need to create one main token and a separate token for each game so that the separate token can be exchanged for the main token, thus keeping the main token’s ecosystem stable.

Although each game has a finite life cycle, when several of these games are gathered together, the main token, like the tokens of UCG games, can create a stable ecosystem. Based on this, we’ve created a blockchain game platform called Weracle, where we made a main token as the center of the ecosystem, allowed each game to have its own game token, and allowed game tokens to be exchanged for the main token. Various games such as Endless Frontier, EF Defense, Tastes of Heroes, and Legendary Black Smith will be sequentially added to the Weracle game ecosystem so that the Weracle game ecosystem can develop stably.

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